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Electronic Voting Machine Fraud

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that it may no longer be possible to vote our way out of this mess. Much of the voting process has been put into the hands of private corporations, only two of which, Election Systems and Software and Diebold Election Systems, provide the vast majority of the voting hardware and services. Two additional corporations that play a large role are Sequoia and Hart Intercivic. All of these companies have been implicated in multiple instances of fraud and other illegalities, the following representing only a fraction:

Hundreds more instances have been cataloged by Black Box Voting.

Electronic voting machines are in use everywhere and the vast majority of voters, at least in the U.S., are all but forced to use them. As with any electronic device, they are susceptible to hacking and are perhaps even intentionally designed to be ‘hacker friendly’.

While i appreciate the right to elect our representatives, let us not fool ourselves; if the outcome of elections in the 21st century can be, and in fact are manipulated, then we must ask ourselves how it is that we can reasonably expect to effect change when votes are registered by insecure electronic voting machines and then counted in secret.

The following is a video of Clint Curtis, a computer programmer at the time, testifying during a Senate hearing that a), computer programs exist to manipulate the vote count of electronic voting machines, b), that it is trivial to write one and c), that he himself was paid to write such a program for Tom Feeney, a Florida politician:

For a great deal more on the absurdity of electronic voting machines, i highly suggest watching this very informative documentary, ‘Hacking Democracy‘:

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