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If you are looking for a great shared or cloud VPS web host, A Small Orange is hard to beat!

Why cheap hosting sucks…

I have been through enough web hosts to know the difference between a quality host and every one else. The dime-a-dozen shared hosting service providers that advertise unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth at ultra-cheap prices are garbage and you will very likely have problems with them, including blacklisted email servers, outages, lost data, poor performance, incompetent support, etc. and, depending on what content you add and how much traffic you get, you will find out that “unlimited” space and bandwidth is nothing but a sales gimmick. Spammers and malware distributors love these cheap hosting plans and your experience can suffer because of them.

While shared hosting is generally very affordable and attractive to those who are not ready to run a VPS, it does have its disadvantages, one being that your website will be running on a server that is also hosting possibly many other websites. This means that the server resources, such as its IP address, memory, CPU, SQL database server and mail server, are shared among all the clients on that machine. Crappy hosts will very often oversell the space on their servers, meaning that your website will run slow or be completely unavailable at times. And if the server IP address is blacklisted because of a spammer or someone distributing malware, your site may be completely unavailable, or unavailable in parts of the world but not others. There are other potential pitfalls as well, but if you want to have a website and don’t have the technical knowledge to run a VPS, or simply cannot afford a dedicated box or managed VPS, than you are pretty much stuck with the shared hosting option. Luckily, not all shared web hosting service providers are garbage.

Doing it different…

A Small Orange (ASO) may cost a little more, but i can promise you that their service is well worth it. This website is hosted by ASO and i have had no real complaints. They offer all the usual goodies, including cPanel, and their connection to the internet backbone is good. Down time, which you will have with any host, has been very minimal in my case and they are very quick to repair any problems they might have. Most importantly, ASO does not oversell their servers and the server load has been in the green every single time i have checked it (see screen-shot below). This is in sharp contrast to other hosting providers which i have used in the past, including x10 Hosting, Green Value Host and several others. By the way, i would highly suggest staying far away from the incompetent bunch of monkeys at Green Value Host.

A Small Orange - Typical Server Load
Load and resource usage for A Small Orange shared hosting. The server load, 3.89 in this case, is actually substantially higher than its usual 1.5 or so. (click to enlarge)

The verdict…

A Small Orange is, by far, the best web hosting service provider i have ever used and i would not hesitate to recommend them. If you look at the other products and services i advertise on this site, you will see that i only advertise for a few companies that i believe in and ASO is one of them. They offer great service and support and do not oversell their servers.

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