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Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told – An interview with the filmmaker

Dennis Wise is a filmmaker from the U.K. who has really stirred up the pot with a ground-breaking documentary titled Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told. I found his film during my research for my article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

The 27 part documentary film provides the viewer with a rich visual and oral history of Germany’s role in World War II with a central focus on the man who many mistakenly believe was one of the most evil men that has ever lived, Adolf Hitler. The reality is much different of course and Dennis has done a fantastic job at exposing truths that the mainstream media continues to avoid at all cost.

Following is a short interview i conducted with Dennis by email:

12bytes: Obviously anyone who has the audacity to question the historical record regarding Germany’s involvement in World War II, particularly the Jewish holocaust aspect, is opening themselves up to attack by a variety of pro-Jewish organizations and, in some countries, is subject to be thrown in jail. For the record, do you see yourself as being anti-Semitic or racist and why do you think such labels are so readily applied?

Dennis: I am neither a racist nor anti-Semitic. Some will find it hard to believe simply because they have been fed lies and misinformation about the 3rd Reich and Adolf Hitler. There were many non-whites of different cultures and creed who fought for Germany in WW2, even Jews, and they were not segregated like the black Americans in the US army. This was a truly racist US government which used the likes of Jesse Owen in their propaganda against the 3rd Reich.

The labels are readily used because of the deceitful but highly successful campaign directed at the public since 1945. Children of each generation (just as their parents) are taught in school and then later they hear it propped up in the media and Hollywood. Without themselves researching, they will never know the real Adolf Hitler.

12bytes: From an interview you did with Deanna Spingola of RCN Radio, i gathered that your journey began when you were about 12 when you asked your father why Hitler “killed all those Jews”. Of course the culmination would come many years later with the making of the film. Although you gave some detail as to what transpired during that gap, could you perhaps provide a bit more? Specifically i’m interested in any notable revelations or milestones along the way, be they in the form of personal experiences, books, film, etc., and what role the world wide web played in your research.

Dennis: What I learned from my father about Adolf Hitler completely changed my way of thinking. They call it today “thinking outside the box.” I became aware of the bias in comics about the evil “Nazis” and in school I always had to stay silent on the subject of the holocaust. I had also become aware of the shock and horror on the faces of my friends just hearing the name Adolf Hitler. As a teenager I would get bored watching war movies as the script was always the same and even today rarely give the modern ones a second glance the propaganda is so bad.

I found I was able to read between the headlines for instance, when Britain would go to war in some far off place. I lost count of the times I rolled my eyes when I heard Tony Blair say, “We must help the Iraqi people.” He and Bush don’t care much for them now do they?

Simply, without the internet it would have been impossible to even attempt the documentary.

12bytes: Personally i am very interested in current geo-political events and the positive alterations the activist movements of the day are having upon our roller coaster ride to hell. Why is the true history of nearly a century ago relevant today, other than from a purely historical point of view?

Dennis: Because if you understand the documentary you will see the same is happening today. The age old tactic of blacken the leader and invade as the good guys has always worked until Syria. A lot of people can now associate with Iraq, Libya and Syria but they still can’t see the link with National Socialist Germany. David Ike and Alex Jones try to convince us that the Nazis are behind the New World Order. Something just too ridiculous for words.

12bytes: It is my understanding that the Reichstag fire may have been a false-flag event orchestrated by key Nazi officials to gain public support for the invasion of Poland and that Kristallnacht may have been orchestrated by the Jews (it obviously wouldn’t be the first time they attacked themselves and blamed it on others). The film seems to dispute both theories and i’m just wondering how you came to your conclusions?

Dennis: There is no evidence to suggest that the National Socialists themselves set fire to the Reichstag only allied speculation. Following the fire certain measures or restrictions were put into practice but that is not proof. It would be just as easy to make a case for a communist plot. The National Socialists finally gained power after years of struggle. When Hitler first joined the NSDAP with not much more than a roomful of members, there were 6 million Communists in Germany who saw Hitler as a joke. Once he gained power, there were plenty capable of burning down the Reichstag out of hatred, frustration and anger.

12bytes: My research strongly indicates that there was no policy, written or otherwise, regarding the alleged mass extermination of the Jews and that there were no homicidal gas chambers in any of the camps. What i have not yet researched was whether there were a significant number of illegal killings of Jews by other means and, if so, to what extent. Do you have any knowledge in this area?

Dennis: I think in any war there are atrocities on both sides. War is horrible and brutal. Emotions run high when family and friends are being killed and revenge is part of human make up. To say one side only committed atrocities and the other side didn’t is being naïve. I have no doubt some Jews may have been killed illegally just like I have no doubts that many Germans were also.

12bytes: Much like the rest of us, i see the majority of the Jewish people as being victims of a historical fantasy (holocaust) that is continually leveraged to drastically alter government policy on a global scale, to the detriment of all mankind. What are your thoughts on this?

Dennis: Yes, in keep pushing the Holocaust as they do it helps them in being portrayed as victims. When today they are actually the most powerful and aggressive country in the region.

12bytes: My awakening began in earnest about 15 years ago when i began studying what i call the “child torture for fun and profit industry” which is about highly abusive behavioral modification programs for troubled teens (just search for “WWASPS” and “Robert Lichfield”). Then 9/11 occurred and my investigation into that event led everywhere else, literally. I soon realized that everything i thought i knew was stripped from me, leaving an uncomfortable void that took a lot of research to re-fill with the truth. What has your “trip” been like and what subjects other than World War II interest you?

Dennis: Yes the Kennedy assassination and 9/11 shows us just how governments can cover up without too much trouble. Some of the government line on 9/11 is pure fantasy world and yet millions still believe them. My favorite is that in all the plane crashes never before in all of history has the black box not been found, whether at the bottom of an ocean or high up in the mountains.

According to the US government not one of the black boxes from the supposedly four planes had been found. Now what are the odds on that?

12bytes: From both a positive and negative perspective, what feedback has the film generated? Has it met your expectations thus far?

Dennis: The film has had a really positive reaction and I have been informed by viewers as even life changing on how they view the world today. The film was set out to show a more balanced and truthful account of World war Two. So yes it has passed all expectations.

12bytes: What message might you have for the white supremacists/neo-Nazis/Skinheads of the world?

Dennis: That their view of Hitler is wrong. The Hitler they admire never existed. He would never have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan.

12bytes: Now that your famous, what’s next?

Dennis: I am not sure but World War Two does fascinate me. The series has taken a huge amount of my time, so I will probably take a break before deciding.

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  1. very interesting the points you made the well known theory on the war was far one sided they fail to mention the treatment off the german women by the russians and the treatment of all german citizens the german soldiers out of 90000 10000 survived at one supposed camp no food shelter they slept in holes at the rhine meadows camp let alone the russian camps ? the nuremburg trial what a joke when the americans and russians did the same thing refreshing to have your honest opinion of the situation not for one side or the other just an accurate depiction of the tragic situation

  2. I would like to thank Dennis for lifting the veil of lies that had been placed on the German people and in particular against Adolph Hitler. The startling revelations from Benjamin Freedman as to the real reasons behind WW1 and WW2 have woken me from the propaganda that still continues to this day. From now on I will be doing my best to make sure that the lies against Adolph Hitler are revealed to who ever will listen to me.

  3. Kudos to Mr. Wise for such an amazing work, it gave me a new horizon or thinking about WW2, since childhood I was always interested in Hitler & why holocaust was happened
    I always thought that Hitler was the one who in order to increase the empire attacked Poland however there were other reasons behind it & they had to jump in the war, I am so glad that this film exposes the truth. I have also noticed one thing that there is no wikipedia link as it has been already removed from there, not sure how it happened, anyway great job and thank you for taking up this important work

  4. Watching this documentary with an open mind, particularly because I don’t believe any politician is above deception or lying (this isn’t to say that all politicians lie, but that, like any human, they are all capable of lying . . . moreover, they are often in positions of power that reward the use of lies and deception for various reasons). From the start my skepticism rises as several events are simply glossed over, ignoring the various documents, first hand accounts, and general history that contradicts what appears to be the theme of this documentary. One such historical inaccuracy that is perpetuated by most who don’t really know their history, is the belief that the Sudetenland area of what was then Czechoslovakia was ever a part of Germany. This is a fallacy. Never in the entire history of Germany, was the Sudetenland, or any part of Czechoslovakia, for that matter, a part of Germany. It was an autonomous state within the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but never a part of Germany. Whenever I come across such historical inaccuracies in a documentary, it makes me think the maker of the documentary is, at best, a sloppy or lazy researcher, and at worst, a skillful propagandist, who understands that it doesn’t matter so much that you tell the whole truth, but just enough truth to generate belief on the part of the masses, who rarely, if ever, actually research what they hear or see. It would seem that the maker of this documentary is the latter. Once again, the story surrounding Hitler’s demand for the Sudetenland is glossed over and made to seem as though German minorities were being mistreated on a mass scale in this region. The truth is quite different. What the maker of this documentary is counting on is that not a soul will actually research such claims. Unfortunately for him, I have researched and studied this event at great depth. If he had done the same, he would have known that while there was some mistreatment of German minorities in the Sudetenland, they were treated more fairly than minorities in almost every other country in Europe at that time (Germany included). Hitler’s demand that the Sudetenland be “returned” to Germany would be tantamount to England or France demanding that Germany hand over all of her weapons, ammunition, planes, U-boats, anti-aircraft, and etc. Without the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia would be laid bare and defenseless. In short, Hitler was making demands he knew could never be met, because he wanted war (a point the maker of this documentary also makes clear). Another historical inaccuracy . . . that Germany alone in Europe thrived economically thanks to Hitler’s actions, while the rest of the world reeled from the effects of the Great Depression. Again, wrong. Czechoslovakia, under their first president Tomas G. Masaryk, did not feel the sting of the depression as Germany had under the incompetent Weimar Republic.

    As for Hitler’s desire to simply “get the Jews out of Germany” in the early stages of his rule . . . this is absolutely true. Hitler was trying to achieve this goal all the way up to his launching of the war (ostensibly in Poland, though the first steps were taken in the Rhineland and Austria, it might be argued) . . . This isn’t in question . . . any responsible, genuine historian knows this to be true . . . The issue at hand is what happened after Germany declared war, particularly at Wannsee in early 1942, for which there is ample evidence that there was a determined effort by the state to kill the remaining Jews of Europe, as it was not feasible to actually deport them or “encourage them to leave.”

    Another gross historical inaccuracy: and I quote from the documentary; “For the next twenty years the German population would suffer terribly from the consequences of the treaty of Versailles.” Not true. The German people suffered greatly during that time, make no mistake, but this suffering had nothing to do with the treaty of Versailles. Of all the reparation payments Germany was supposed to have made as a result of this treaty, they only made two . . . and the second payment was borrowed from the United States (which they never paid back…as is often the case when one nation borrows from another). Beyond this, no other payments were made, and once Hitler came to power, the treaty, which had already been largely disregarded by those in power in Germany, was completely ignored (other than as a rallying tool to stir up the masses). No . . . the suffering the Germans endured (and it was great suffering indeed) was due, in most part, to the crippling depression that had devastated the world economy. The treaty of Versailles was little more than a humiliation . . . and a poorly constructed, vindictive, and false document designed to “put the Germans in their place.” History bears out that Germany was no more to blame for WWI than England or France or Russia or etc. (I won’t get into that . . . if I did I would never get to sleep tonight).

    I will continue to watch this documentary . . . but I’m afraid it will be more of the same . . . a craftily constructed piece of propaganda attempting to paint Hitler with a brush of tolerance, understanding, and the like, which flies in the face of innumerable eye-witness accounts, historical documents and the like from multiple sources from all over Europe . . . and in such agreement with one another, that if this were actually some massive conspiracy (as this documentarian seems to posit), the organizers of this conspiracy would have to have had powers bordering on the supernatural.

    When it comes to such things I lean towards Ockham’s razor . . .
    “Pluralitas non est ponenda sine neccesitate”

    “Entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily.”

    That is to say, I believe the simplest path to the solution or answer is, most likely, the nearest to the truth. In order for what the maker of this documentary posits to be true, there would have to be an incalculable string of dominoes tumbling in an intricate pattern . . . where the removal of more than a few dominoes exposes it as an unworkable plan or idea.

    You say there were no gas chambers . . . but I have been to Auschwitz-Birkenau more than once . . . I have seen the gas chambers they were unable to destroy in their haste fleeing the approaching Red Army. Are you saying these were quickly constructed, along with the crematoria and various bunkers, in order to falsely accuse the Nazi’s of these crimes? Are you saying that the myriad eye witness accounts of American, Soviet, British, and etc. G.I.s were all part of a master conspiracy? That they somehow all managed to coordinate their stories just right so as to make it all believable? This just isn’t plausible.

    As I said, I will continue to watch your documentary with an open mind. I would love to believe that Hitler truly did not intend for the murder of millions of innocent human beings (Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals, Jehovahs Witnesses, and etc.), I would love to believe that none of this actually happened . . . but you have mountains of evidence from too many sources to name that refute your claims with authority . . . so you have an uphill battle to convince a skeptic like myself . . . particularly when you have already displayed at best sloppy, lazy treatment of historical events, or at worst, the use of moderately subtle propaganda to get the viewer to believe that which is only partially true. I am not so easily duped.

    1. hi Skeptic

      Just to be clear, i am not the author of the film – for some reason, several commenters seem to think i am :) Dennis Wise, from the U.K. is the filmmaker.

      I would agree that the film concentrates on the light side while ignoring a lot of the dark, and i have no knowledge of the details of the history of Sudetenland/Czechoslovakia so i can’t comment on that. What i can comment on is the alleged mass execution of the Jews and, particularly, the alleged homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz and elsewhere.

      One thing i would ask you to consider is, when did the camp survivors learn of the gas chambers? If you do a little research, you will quickly discover that it was after the war for the most part. The USC Shoah Foundation has a video archive with over 50,000 testimonials from survivors, yet they make their massive collection very difficult to access unless you are an educator. There is no doubt that the reason for this is that, if you watch the testimonials, particularly those from Auschwitz, Treblinka, Majdanek and other “death camps”, you will discover that there is no mention of gas chambers at the time the interviewee was interned there and, if they do mention it at all, they state that they learned of this after the war. In several videos i’ve seen where the interviewee mentions the holocaust or gas chambers, the interviewer seems to become noticeably excited, as if they are finally going to be able to document mass-exterminations based on honest-to-goodness eye-witness testimony. And of course the bomb is eventually dropped when the survivor admits they never actually witnessed a gas chamber or mass-execution, or they only heard about such a program after the war.

      I understand you have been to Auschwitz and saw the alleged gas chamber there. Let me ask you this; if no one told you it was a gas chamber, and you had no knowledge of the “holocaust”, would you have thought the building was a gas chamber or something else, such as an air raid shelter? There are many questions regarding this particular building, but here are just a few i ask you to consider…

      1) was there any blue staining on the walls as a result of repeated exposure to hydrogen cyanide (as the is clearly the case in the non-homicidal gas chambers used for disinfection, even after almost 70 years)?
      2) were the electrical fixtures explosion-proof (hydrogen cyanide is highly flammable)?
      3) would you have located a gas chamber next to a crematorium which could cause escaping gas to explode?
      4) was the enclosure hermetically sealed as all of the gas chambers used for disinfection are?
      5) was the door at the entrance of the alleged gas chamber made from materials that could resist the utter chaos of hundreds/thousands of people trying to escape while they died slowly of suffocation?
      6) was there a ventilation mechanism to introduce and exhaust the deadly gas from the enclosure, as there are in the enclosures used for disinfection?
      7) is it even remotely possible that the number of people claimed to have been executed there is accurate (how long does HCN take to kill?; how long to evacuate the gas?; how long to remove the bodies?; how long to cremate a body?)?

      Although the Polish authorities make it difficult, the alleged gas chamber in the Auschwitz main camp has been studied rather carefully by a number of people, including a gas chamber expert from the U.S. by the name of Fred A. Leuchter. It was also studied by a Jewish Canadian revisionist by the name of David Cole who visited the camp a number of times and learned from the testimony of the museum director that the Soviets reconstructed it after the war. You may have seen the holes that were hastily hacked into the roof; do they appear to be a safe way to introduce a deadly gas into the enclosure? Do they appear in any creditable war-time aerial photograph? How about the chimney behind the alleged gas chamber; what is it connected to?

      One of the biggest mistakes most everyone makes, including myself at one time, is assuming that there are hundreds/thousands/10’s of thousands of creditable eye witnesses which support the claim of homicidal gas chambers and a program to exterminate the Jews. In fact, this is completely false (this claim, as with the images of the bodies, were probably the hardest hurdles for me to overcome). There are not thousands, nor even hundreds, nor even dozens! If you do some research, you will quickly discover that there are, literally, only a handful of alleged survivors which have claimed to actually witness mass exterminations and they appear, over and over again, in the pro-holocaust history books. And some of them are proven liars since they claim to have witnessed homicidal gas chambers at camps which had no homicidal gas chambers as admitted to even by the exterminationists (those who support the mass-extermination narrative) or, even more revealing, were never in the camp which they claim to have been in. Again, most of the survivors learned of the alleged extermination program after the war, not while they were actually in the camps.

      If you have any relatives or know anyone who was imprisoned in any alleged “death camp”, ask them if they are aware of the mass extermination of the Jews. ‘Of course’ will likely be the answer. Then ask them when they learned about the “holocaust” and whether they personally witnessed, with their own eyes, any mass-executions or gas chambers. And keep in mind that, as you have seen for yourself, some of the gas chambers were in very clear view of the prisoners.

      So on one hand we have a very small number of alleged eye witnesses of alleged gas chambers or mass-extermination by any other means, and on the other we have probably many hundreds or thousands of camp survivors who never mention actually seeing, with their own eyes, any gas chambers in any camp while they were there. We also have the testimony from the Zundel trial in Canada, including that of Leuchter, and we have the documentary and writings of David Cole and many other revisionists, such as Eric Hunt and Germar Rudolf as well as piles of additional resources made available by historians, experts in relevant fields, authors, investigative journalists, scientists (including mainstream Polish scientists who failed miserably trying to prove homicidal gas chambers), and many, many others, some of which are Jewish, who conclude or at least cast serious doubt on the official narrative that Hitler had a plan to exterminate the Jews, not to mention that in the hundreds of tons of documents captured by the allies, there is no mention of such a program.

      And let’s not forget how the “facts” have changed since the close of the war…

      As you may know, it was once claimed that every camp in Germany and Poland were used for extermination and that upwards of 15 million people were killed. Now it is no longer claimed that any camp in Germany was used for mass-extermination and only a handful of camps in Poland were used for this purpose — quite an incredible change in “official history” over the years. In Auschwitz alone it was once claimed that ~4.1 million were murdered, but after the Zundel trial the historians were forced to revise this figure to ~1.1 million (a figure which is still highly contested) yet the infamous “6 million” figure, references of which date back to at least 1914 and which is admitted by some Jews to be largely symbolic, was never adjusted accordingly. It should also be understood that this number includes anyone who died at Auschwitz, regardless of the cause, including Typhus, the deadly “war disease” carried by lice which was prolific not only in the camps (thus the reason why the Germans spent so much time and effort regarding disinfection, which no one contests), but also throughout large parts of Europe, which brings us to the piles of bodies; if you are not aware, hundreds of autopsies were preformed and the primary cause was determined to be disease and starvation, both of which can be directly attributed to the allied bombing of the infrastructure near the end of the war which destroyed railways, bridges and roads which were used to transport medical supplies and food to the camps. In no case was the cause of death determined to be caused by hydrogen cyanide poisoning. These piles of bodies could be found throughout Europe, especially in Dresden after the allies slaughtered 20,000+ civilians, even according to Wikipedia, a website founded by Jews which, until very recently, was quoting the “6 million” figure as fact.

      Another piece of the puzzle you may want to explore is the amount of coal/coke used by camps which are no longer considered by anyone to have been used for extermination, as opposed to the amount used for alleged extermination camps which, as we are told, were gassing and cremating thousands of people every day, 24/7. Or the amount of Zyklon-B that was ordered by these camps.

      I suggest you read my article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust, in which you will find a massive number of resources to support what i am saying here, as well as many more which address points i have not covered on this site.

      If the holocaust is a lie then one must ask why; what is the reason for the numerous, provably false accusations regarding Germany’s role in WW2? Who benefits? I think there is little doubt that the “holocaust” exists for one primary reason: to benefit the Jews. Without it, Israel could not have been formed and the Israeli’s today could not continue in their genocide of the Palestinians. There is also no doubt that the “holocaust” is leveraged to support whatever it is powerful Jews of the world wish to do.

      To be clear, i am not anti-Jewish, nor racist at all, and it is my view that the Jewish people at large are victims of this falsified and fabricated history the same as many of the rest of us are (or were). I subscribe to the ‘one people, one Earth philosophy’, however there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that a very wealthy, very powerful faction of the Jewish people have, and continue to play a key role in the altering of historical events, as well as in the professions of business, banking, the media and government. There is a very good reason why freedom of speech is severely restricted in many countries. Does truth fear investigation? I think not. These Jewish elitists and Israel have a whole lot to lose should too bright a light be cast upon the shadows they reside in.

      I’ll close this “comment” (sorry for the length) with a quote by Ernst Zundel from an interview conducted by an Israeli journalist (and i’m paraphrasing here): Before one questions what Germany did to the Jews, you must consider what the Jews did to Germany. The Jews have been kicked out of ~100 countries prior to WW2 and persecuted in as many more, yet few seem to question why when the discussion centers around the “holocaust”.

      1. Thank you for you speedy reply 12bytes. I don’t have time at the moment to properly address your reply, as I have a full workload that will carry through this weekend into next week (I am a real estate appraiser, so I have the benefit –and curse– of working from home). I will respond to your full reply as soon as I may, but for now I will simply reiterate that when I see historical inaccuracies or inconsistencies like those I have found in the first 2 hours of this documentary, it makes it difficult for me to lend much credence to what follows after. I hold all documentaries or “historical” films, articles, and etc. to this standard, especially those that support a belief of mine. I am not interested in maintaining an erroneous belief or world view on any issue; on the contrary, in the event that I discover I have been proved wrong on something (or partially wrong or the like), I am glad for it . . . I have no pride when it comes to such things, as it makes no sense for me to maintain a belief simply because I am too proud or embarrassed to admit that I was wrong (or not entirely right). Neither do I care what the general public thinks about what I believe. If I am convinced of something, it wouldn’t matter to me if everyone I knew disagreed with me. That being said, the task before this documentarian is to convince me that the foundation for his argument is more solid than my own . . . no easy task, as I am one of those rare souls who loves to research and pour over source documents and etc., to find the origins of ideas and things said and things done. I am analytical to a fault (ask my ex-wife and every ex-girlfriend I’ve ever had), and have little patience for a purveyor of historical truths who does not demonstrate at least the same level of passion and devotion to really finding the truth in a matter (or at least as close to the truth as possible).

        For the revisionist in this historical arena, it is vital that I see them address the views, documents, eye-witness accounts, and etc. that appear damning to their position . . . In the first 2 hours of this film I have seen the standard bob and weave evasion of uncomfortable views, documents, eye-witness accounts and etc. that generally accompany this brand of treatise.

        Does all of this mean that I believe Mr. Wise is absolutely wrong? No. He may be closer to the truth in what he is saying than I am in what I am saying . . . however . . . he is failing to foster the trust in me, the viewer, that is required to take his analysis and conclusions seriously.

        When I am able I will watch the remainder of this film, at which point I will do my best to address the points you raised above (many of which there are logical reasons for that I can offer without much effort . . . others that will likely require a more in depth treatment).

        Until then . . . Peace

    2. Mate you also should take into account the actions of the So called jews ,their depravity violence,treason,usury,Porn and a whole host of other things ,put that with the Balfour Declaration and a heap of other lies about Hitler ,then his actions even if he had of killed 6,000,000 were definitely warranted ,the lowly so called jews have destroyed nations ,and have been booted out of every city in Europe for damn good reason.

      Also the fact that millions of Germans were killed after the war in Eishenhower’s death camps and the like ,put together with the fire bombing of Dresden {the only Holocaust in Germany } death by fire for the ignorant ,and ritual Sacrifice , Id say after reading what world famous men have said about the So called Jews ,that the world would be better off without them ,and I curse my family for making me half a subhuman piece of shit jew . This Blog author is well hosted patient and well spoken and a great story he has taken on Heil Hitler as they say ,”One day my spirit will rise and the world will see that I was right ” ” You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”

      1. I have lost the respect of both friends & family as well. Your anger reminds me of the pain of loss but like you, I choose to be awake but want to be set free with the “I Told You So” because it would truly feel so good. You are correct. The Truth Will Set You Free, Just wish it would hurry the hell up! Peace Brother.

  5. So are you saying that all the survivors of the concentration camps in WW2 were liars? That’s were the information about what happened in the concentration camps comes from not propoganda or government lies as you say. Another thing the reason Germany appeared to prosper in the mid 30’s was because the Nazis had borrowed a small fortune from the USA which would have taken forever to pay back that’s were the economic miracle came from! another good reason to goto war so as to not have to pay back your debts. You say that you never watch old war movies? Then how can you have an informed opinion if you shy away and ignore all points of view? Lastly your documentary is total s**t and I find it hard to believe that anyone has taken it seriously at all.

    1. @Jason – you seem to think that i am the author of the documentary, which is not the case. The film is by Dennis Wise in the UK, not 12Bytes.org.

      As far as the source of the evidence for the “holocaust”, your impression that that the bulk of the camp survivors have testified to homicidal gas chambers is utterly and completely wrong. If you do the research, you will quickly learn that the number of eyewitnesses who claim to have first-hand knowledge of mass killings/gassings is very, very small. One way to confirm this is to access the video testimonials from 52,000+ survivors which are kept at the USC Shoah Foundation Visual History Archive. Unfortunately, you will probably find that they make the process of gaining access to the library very difficult unless you’re an educator and you might ask yourself why that is.

      As far as camp survivors who testify about mass killings in gas chambers who are not eyewitnesses, there are plenty of those. What you will find here is that they learned of the “holocaust” after the war (the term “holocaust” was first used in the 60’s i believe). I am sure many/most of these people are not lairs; they simply have learned about the “holocaust” the same way the rest of us did, through government propaganda and Jewish dominated mass media.

      The point here is that the volume of evidence to support mass gassings is much smaller than you appear to assume and is lacking in any hard, scientific evidence. On the contrary, the creditable and hard scientific evidence leans heavily toward the revisionist side, who allege there were no homicidal gas chambers. This evidence has been provided by revisionists and non-revisionists consisting of people from a variety of backgrounds including scientists, engineers, historians, scholars and many others, some of which are Jewish, by the way. In some cases the alleged “gas chambers” still exist (Auschwitz main camp for instance) and in these cases it is trivial to prove that they could not possibly have been used to contain a deadly gas (not hermetically sealed; breakable, unbarred glass windows; household doors; drain systems that connected to other buildings in the camp; lack of explosion proof electrical fixtures; doors that opened inward which would make it impossible to open them to get the bodies out; no proper intake or exhaust systems to introduce and evacuate the gas, etc., etc., etc.).

      The reason you posit for the war — so Germany wouldn’t have to pay back a debt — is laughable. Read Mein Kampf.

      And again, to suggest that the reason for Germany’s economic recovery was due to borrowed money being dumped directly into the economy, and that it had little to do with Hitler, is terribly wrong. The recovery was largely due to a reorganization of government and the the banking system, and particularly because of removal of Jewish businessmen, bankers and government officials by Hitler, as well as his efforts to restore the dignity of the German people which was stripped from them as a result of the Treaty of Versailles.

      The rest of your comments don’t apply to me.

      If you want to learn the facts regarding Germany’s role in World War II, i suggest starting with my article, Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust.

  6. Great documentary, truth will always be a hard pill to swallow though, especially when a nations leaders go to such extreme lengths to have us believe the opposite, a great example is Bush, how many innocent people have died because of his effort to save the world from weapons of mass destruction? Or should I say personal greed, na…..weapons of mass destruction sounds more convincing!

  7. I came across this site through diligent searching for an honest review of this documentary, it wasn’t easy finding it. You can readily find half a dozen reviews of myriad claptrap of movies, but something like this, because it disagrees with what is being taught as “history”, not so prevalent. The topic is social pariah, the very THOUGHT that Hitler could’ve been maligned by historians, anathema. Truth is sacrosant to me; not MY truth or YOUR truth, but THE truth. Good luck finding it, you’ll have to do double the work.

    For those having trouble getting over the holocaust hurdle, let me point you in a direction that helped ME, and that would be David Cole appearing on the show DONAHUE in the 80’s? I believe. First, David is Jewish and traveled to Auschwitz, camcorder in hand, and interviewed the person that gives the tours. Shot & discussed the “shower rooms” , the ovens & even the outside of the building.

    The FACTS are, logistically, is that it was IMPOSSIBLE, (not improbable, I know the difference) for Hitler’s Germany to kill that many ppl in the time involved, with the methods history professors say he did it. Example? In Cole’s film, he said ppl said that Jews were stacked 3-5 bodies high in brick ovens and were cremated roughly every 20-30 minutes? (I’m typing from memory here, I may be slightly off on the timing) Using MODERN machinery it takes 90 minutes for ONE body, so this account is a fallacy, a flat out lie.

    There are NO blue stains on the “shower rooms” WHERE Cyklon-B was used, none. And its important to note that Cyklon B is so strong it can penetrate brick in it’s staining power! (Hence the outside shots of the building.)

    When you add the fact that in the New York Times, before WW1 even started, there were reports of “Six million Jews dead or dying” by starvation in Russia, and just so happens that the same number died in WW2?

    Really? Kabbalistic number perhaps? I dunno, but the coincidence strains credibility.

    I would suggest however, that the filmmaker do away with the music to the degree that he did in this film, IMO it’s borderline propaganda itself, b/c music illicits an emotional response, and I’m sure some ppl caught that. (Not to mention after the fifth time hearing the same score it became annoying).

    Best wishes to fellow truth=seekers. When trying to educate or free “sheeple” have an abundance of documented facts on your side, or be prepared to be labelled anti-semitic, racist, etc etc,

    1. thanks for your comment JV
      regarding David Cole, although his Auschwitz documentary lays out evidence which cannot be readily disputed (it shines allot of light on the lies of the mainstream version of the “holocaust”), he has in fact lost allot of credibility among revisionists since his ‘outing’, and deservedly so – you can discover part of the reason for this here: http://holocausthoaxmuseum.com/response-to-david-cole/

      having becoming a self-admitted alcoholic, he now uses the name David Stein – you can find his website here: http://www.countercontempt.com/

      however these recent revelations should not detract from his previous revisionist work; it doesn’t matter who would have made the documentary or appeared on various talk shows because the facts still stand.

      regarding the Dennis Wise film, Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told, i would agree that the music is more of a distraction than an asset from a researcher/revisionist POV – it’s interesting you mention that because i had the same thought.

      nice to see that others are being enlightened regarding this touchy subject – just remember that the Jewish people, by and large in my opinion, are also victims and pawns of this hoax, just like the rest of us.

  8. This film is an eye opener to me and many other people. Unfortunately it has been forbidden in Germany, cause the Government, which obviously knows the truth, dont want the get Germans infuriated and inflamed with it.
    It is so funny that always when Israeli or Ashkenazi Jews are criticized, they always appeal to the ”Anti-Semitism”.
    First of all, what is ”anti semite”? The Palestinians are also Semite people!
    If we were to look define it under the explanation that anti-semitism is a form of racism, what about the huge racism in Israel, where they don’t even recognize Black Jews in their society? They are against any other race: Asians, Blacks, Palestinians, Arabs and white Christians.
    They believe themselves to be the ”chosen people’. I doubt God would ever chose such evil class of people. One visit to Israel, makes anyone sick to see how dirty Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are. They made a total mess out of that country. There’s dog poo everywhere and no democracy nor quality of life. They plan world domination and Armagedon is for them the only way to exterminate 2/3 of the world population, so that whoever is left over will serve as their slaves. I am so glad that this film exposes the truth and I only wished that you would make a German subtitled version of it and find a way to distribute everywhere in Germany. We have the rights to know our true history! Consequently I hope the German Government will start a new international law forbidding Anti-Germanism!

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