To Palestine With Love, From Israel

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust, takes a cold, hard look at several facets of Germany's role in World War II and the Jewish holocaust, challenging the mainstream version of this infamous historical event.
Zyklon B Pellets

Take the Jewish Holocaust Quiz!

Take the Holocaust Quiz and learn how much you really know about the Jewish holocaust of World War II.
Hitler and Gun Control

Gun Control and the Nazis - Setting the Record Straight

This article examines the popular claim that Adolf Hitler disarmed the German people at large in order to facilitate his goal of ridding Germany of the Jews.
Hitler Youth

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told - An interview with the filmmaker

Transcript of an interview with Dennis Wise, a filmmaker from the U.K. who made the ground-breaking documentary: Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.


NPR Logo

NPR: National Public Radio Or National Propaganda Radio?

An investigation into the journalistic ethics of National Public Radio, one of the most popular radio programs in the country.
This presidency brought to you by Diebold

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud

This is a cursory examination of electronic voting machine fraud and the companies facilitating the manipulation of the results.
Alex Jones

EXPOSED: Alex 'Bullhorn' Jones

Is Alex Jones the truth-seeking patriot he claims to be, or is there another force behind the bullhorn wielding darling of the alternative media?
Project Avalon logo

Exposed: Bill Ryan's Project Avalon Forum

In a community where truth and honesty are paramount, i found limitations upon what truths may be revealed and extreme penalties for exceeding them.
Police Brutality

Law Enforcement

This page contains several videos of various law enforcement actions, including the Ruby Ridge incident and the massacre of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx., 1993.



Firefox Configuration Guide for Privacy Freaks and Performance Buffs

Want to configure Firefox and other Gecko-based browsers for better performance and security?

Encrypting DNS Traffic (and why you want to)

Prevent your ISP and others from collecting information about what websites you visit by encrypting your DNS traffic.
In Mozilla We Trust

Opting out of the Firefox / Google / Yahoo partnership

How to opt out of the Mozilla/Google/Yahoo partnerships and preserve your right to privacy in the process.
Firefox Extensions

Firefox Extensions - My Picks

Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser that is easily extended with add-ons, of which there are literally thousands. These are my favorites...
Firefox Add-Ons Puzzle

Firefox: Troubleshooting Add-On Issues

How to troubleshoot add-on related problems in the Mozilla Firefox web browser.
Computer Virus

Malware: It's worse than you think

Relying on anti-virus software to protect your system is paramount to relying on guard rails to keep your car on the road. Here's why...
Mouse Scrolling

Firefox Scroll Tweak

Mouse scrolling in Firefox sucks. Here's how to fix it, without an extension...
Android Apps

Cool Android Apps

A handful of cool and useful free, mostly open source Android apps...

An MP3 Collection Editing Guide For Linux

An attempt to duplicate my MP3 editing tool-chain from Windows on Linux.
A Small Orange

A Small Orange Web Hosting

If you are looking for a great shared or cloud VPS web host, A Small Orange is hard to beat! ASO is, by far, the best web hosting service provider i have used and i would not hesitate to recommend them.

CSS: Image Text Overlay

A quick tutorial for adding overlay text to an image using only CSS and HTML.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Game Sound Optimization

Hardware selection and software configuration for getting the best audio experience from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Alternative Healthcare

Jim Humble

MMS: The Master Mineral Solution

The Master Mineral Solution has cured a huge variety of so-called "terminal" diseases and has saved many thousands of lives, yet it is virtually unknown to the public. Why is that?
Max Gerson, M.D. - A Cancer Therapy

Gerson Therapy

Meet Dr. Max Gerson, M.D., and learn why many alternative cures for cancer have been, and continue to be suppressed.
The power of meditation

Misc. Health Resources

Miscellaneous resources and videos related to alternative healthcare.


Police Traffic Stop

Dealing With The Fuzz

Getting stopped by the police is an uncomfortable event for many people. Not knowing and exercising your rights can quickly turn an uncomfortable event into a catastrophic one.
Truck Crossing Border Fence

Life Without Borders?

Why is it that we cannot travel freely and live where we choose upon this earth while a Canadian goose can do so without passports, papers and permission from the government?