To Palestine With Love, From Israel

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust

Rescuing Israel: The Holocaust, takes a cold, hard look at several facets of Germany's role in World War II and the Jewish holocaust, challenging the mainstream version of this infamous historical event.
Zyklon B Pellets

Test Your Holocaust Knowledge

Take the holocaust quiz to find out how much you really know about the Jewish holocaust of World War II.
Hitler and Gun Control

Gun Control and the Nazis - Setting the Record Straight

This article examines some of the evidence regarding the claim that the German people were disarmed during Hitlers' rise to power.
Hitler Youth

Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told - An interview with the filmmaker

This is a transcript of an interview i conducted with Dennis Wise, a filmmaker from the U.K. who has released a ground-breaking documentary titled: Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told.
Truth and Lies

NPR: National Public Radio Or National Propaganda Radio?

This research paper examines the inner workings of National Public Radio (NPR), focusing on its ties to government, the intelligence community, and corporations.
Alex Jones

EXPOSED: Alex "Bullhorn" Jones

Is Alex Jones the truth-seeking patriot he claims to be, or is there another force behind the bullhorn wielding darling of the alternative media?
Image of Police Brutality

Law Enforcement

This page contains several videos of various law enforcement actions, including the Ruby Ridge incident and the massacre of the Branch Davidians in Waco, Tx., 1993.
Truck Crossing Border Fence

Life Without Borders? Simply ludicrous!

How is it that we are not allowed to travel freely and live where we choose upon the Earth of which we were born, yet a Canadian goose can do so without passports, papers and permission from the pornographic pedophiles of the TSA?

Electronic Voting Machine Fraud

This is a cursory examination of electronic voting machine fraud and the companies facilitating the manipulation of the results.


Videos about extraterrestrials and advanced technology.
Cameron Macauley

Life After Death

The extraordinary story of 5 year old Cameron Macauley, the boy who lived before.
MMS Logo


Various health related resources that i have found to be very informative.
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