12Bytes Software

The 12Bytes website contains a variety of Windows software which i have written over the years, many of which are utilities intended to make living with Windows a bit easier and/or more productive.

12Bytes software does not contain any malware, spyware, viruses, pop-ups, browser hijackers or other such nuisances.  It does not “phone home” unexpectedly or connect to the internet unless it is internet related software and/or has a version update checking function should you wish to use it. Software released as Freeware will not nag you for donations, as much as i appreciate them, nor is there any trial period or limited functionality. Software published as Shareware will prompt you to register it and may be limited in some way until it is registered. For software which is packaged with an installer, i tend to use Inno Setup which is a clean, trusted and well known installer.

I prefer that none of my software be deployed by unethical corporations, governments or other entities associated with defense contractors, militaries, banks, pharmaceuticals, mining, petroleum, mainstream media and entertainment, etc.. My software is intended for people, not greed driven, propaganda generating, earth killing machines with an absence of ethics.

If you want to share my software with friends, please send them a link to this website rather than sending them the file directly. This ensures they have access to the latest version and accompanying information. If you’re a webmaster, please do not hotlink to the files directly.

Alternative Information

I have researched a wide variety of topics over the years and will be publishing some of this material here. Subjects will include alternative health products and practices, history, mainstream media, governments and politics, spirituality and more.