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Software Utilities for Windows
2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8

For comprehensive software documentation, screenshots and download links, please visit the relevant software page. For important information about 12Bytes software, please see the About page. If you use and like any of my software, a donation would be greatly appreciated!


AutoClipX automatically copies selected content and allows fast pasting with a mouse button! You can also store text in ClipMan, the built-in clipboard manager, format and strip content from copied text, such as HTML markup, plus allot more. Enjoy theĀ  automatic copying functionality of Linux with Windows! AutoClipX is Shareware.

Process Liquidator

Process Liquidator displays running processes and allows terminating a process with a single click. It also provides basic information about a process, including its PID, architecture, information about any windows belonging to the process, child processes, the owner and domain. Process Liquidator is Freeware.

Simply Alarming

Simply Alarming is an easy to use alarm utility that can display a variety of custom messages, play a sound, or flash the Scroll/Num Lock lights, at a specific time of day, or when a timer expires. Simply Alarming is Shareware.


WinFocusMon monitors a window for changes to its state and logs what caused the change. Ever been typing in your word processor, browser, or writing an email only to discover that some of what you typed is missing? Or playing a game that loses keyboard focus or minimizes to the desktop? WinFocusMon may be able to tell you why! WinFocusMon is Freeware.

serverMon LE

serverMon LE is a rudimentary utility to monitor the health of your connection to a remote computer, such as web server, by using ping and file download requests. Both a host name and IP address can be monitored should you want to bypass DNS look-ups or your CDN. serverMon LE is Freeware.