Software Utilities for Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8



AutoClipX automatically copies content you select with your mouse, while pasting is accomplished by simply clicking a mouse button (the middle button by default).

COMING SOON: blogKnife

blogKnife is a content collection and generation tool for bloggers and news publishers. If you run or contribute to a blog or news-type website, blogKnife will radically speed up the process of gathering, editing and formatting content.

NEW: trayTrix

trayTrix is a customizable Windows launcher utility that allows quick access to various built-in tools, as well as user defined programs and shortcuts.
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NEW: spelr

spelr is a small, simple utility for spell checking the contents of the Windows clipboard, selected text, or a whole document.
Process Liquidator

Process Liquidator

Process Liquidator displays information about running processes and allows terminating a process with a single mouse click. One click. One kill.
serverMon LE

serverMon LE

serverMon LE is a utility to monitor the health of your connection to a remote computer, such as your website server, as well as the health of the server itself by using ping and file download requests.


WinFocusMon is a diagnostic utility used to monitor a specified window and determine why it loses input focus unexpectedly.

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